Pooltime with Ramona



It's wine... but cooler. What is pink, keeps you hydrated and happy? Meet Ramona, the lovechild of a mimosa and an Aperol Spritz. If you're a fan of Aperol Spritzing and something more citrusy like grapefruit, then this is the drink for you. Ramona is a ruby grapefruit wine spritz made with organic Zibibbo grapes grown in Western Sicily. Bright, aromatic, and refreshing, it doesn't need a glass, a bottle opener, or an occasion to drink it. Continue reading to see me chilling in my very own pool on my rooftop (I'm super ballin' haha!) and to learn more about this great new summer drink you all need to know about!

Ramona is an organic, all-natural, gluten-free and vegan wine spritz. And I do enjoy a little something citrusy during the hot summer months, not too much of a drinking those super sweet fruity cocktails, and this wine spritz is legit - so refreshing and tasty! I even took full advantage of my favorite summertime hangout spot, my rooftop with a kiddie pool shaped as an elephant. Yep, you read that correctly, lol. We just got through our first heat wave this summer here in New York, so it was perfect timing to unwind with drinks and a pool all to myself! You can safely guess I received a few tan lines from this super fun shoot!

The brand was also sweet enough to send me a summer kit, including of course their drinks that I love (seriously though, low in alcohol and the best fizzy drink out there right now), a pair of really cute pink sunnies, straws, sweet and sour grapefruit candy, this adorable fruit bag from ban.do that is also a cooler, and this mini-inflatable drink holder shaped as a grapefruit. My bikini is from Victoria's Secret (I linked a similar one for $19.99 from Target here) and I kept my hair tied back with a mustard yellow bandana. Who else loves to tie scarves, ribbons, bandanas into their hair? I think it's a great summer accessory. The kiddie pool is from H2OGO!™ and you can bet I'll be using this bad boy again - especially on those hot sweltering days here in the city! 





My Calvins


I'm not the type to prance around my apartment in my underwear, let alone take photographs of myself in it for pure vanity purposes. Though I have nothing against it, because beauty is always such a pleasure to look at, I'm not exactly as open or forthright when it comes to representing myself in this way. I do, however, have pride in staying fit and healthy in the best way I can.

Being a woman in her early-thirties (shh!), my body just doesn't grant me the grace of beauty like it once did when I was "younger." Yes, I was the girl who could eat anything, keep up with the boys both at the bar and out on the field, live off of no sleep, and even as my Dad once put it, "livin' the rock n roll lifestyle". Back then I was more carefree, therefore a little more careless, a tad more wild. But now that I'm getting older (yes, I know I'm not OLD per se), I suddenly felt compelled to take better care of myself. I would definitely say my pinnacle point was the Big 3-0.

I've worked very hard to stay in shape! All that running, rollerblading, and yoga is really starting to pay off. About a year ago, I set a goal to obtain some "Sarah Connor" arms... because Linda Hamilton's arms for that role were INSANE! I thought her muscle definition was the perfect amount of structure and tone for a woman to still remain somewhat feminine. And I'm very happy with the results.

I'm pretty shy when it comes to taking aesthetic photos of myself. Like I mentioned earlier, it's sort of strange for me since most of my self-portraits' signify in evoking a certain feeling or emotion. Today's all about showing what I look like in my undies! Thanks, Calvin! ;)

I'm a Tomboy at heart and am actually not the biggest fan when it comes to lingerie. I'm more the type who's down for sports bras and granny undies rather than thongs (or 'dental floss' as my friend's mother once referred them to) or negligee. It's all about comfort for me. And this bralette from Calvin Klein is just divine! I literally couldn't feel it on me, it was so weightless! Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying I don't own any lingerie. I just don't wear them on a daily basis.

Actually most of my underwear collection is from Calvin Klein. I used to be a Victoria's Secret hoarder, but I love the basic simplicity in Calvin' design. Less is more, even in your undies! And the famous logo, reminiscent of the Marky Mark days, will never go out of style! At least not to me, it won't! 

Here are a few back view shots... I can thank all those years of figure skating for my bootylicious behind! LOL! But seriously, I do try to eat very healthy. My motto is everything in moderation. If you eat well, it's okay to have a little something sweet as well! But not too much in one category. That's where people will run into trouble. And get out and do something active! You are not going to lose any pounds sitting on the couch! Running and swimming are some of the best workouts you can give to yourself. Or get a 100 lb German Shepherd... that might keep you busy... :)

And here you have it! A full length shot of me in all my 'armor'. My closest friends know how freakishly strong I am, and I think this photo my confirm this 'myth'. Ha ha ha! Did you guys know that I was the best in the state of Michigan for chin-ups? I know, strange random fact, but it's true! At 10 years of age, I easily could do 15 of 'em. I even used to compete in the state championships and that's where I met one of my best friends! We've known each other for over 20 years now!

What are your daily workout regiments? Is there something in particular you're trying to concentrate on? Arms? Belly? Tushy? Are you all about your Calvin's like I am? Let's chat! As always, feel free to comment and share! ::Smooch::

Love & xx's,

maQ + suz