Springtime Snacking with My/Mo Mochi Ice Cream

This post is sponsored by My/Mo Mochi Ice Cream but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.


I'm more of a dessert person when the temps are warmer and now that spring has finally arrived what is better than finding two loves in one? I'm talking mochi and ice cream combined, how yummy does that sound? It's the perfect pairing for anyone with a sweet tooth, especially to anyone who is always on the go or to those that just like to kick it back at home and unwind. So basically it's great for everyone! Continue reading on to learn more about mochi, if you don't already know what it is, and also why you need to get your hands on a box of My/Mo Mochi Ice Cream asap! There are also shop sections for both my outfit and my two most favorite flavors that I'd recommend trying.

Back to the mochi at hand! If you're wondering what My/Mo Mochi Ice Cream is, it's soft mochi dough with very delectable ice cream in the middle. These snacks are not only the cutest little things, they're also the yummiest of the mochi ice creams in the market. My/Mo Mochi Ice Cream comes in 8 appetizing flavors, and my husband and I's most recent favorites have got to be Strawberry and Chocolate! Let's just say we're already out of it, and I cannot wait to grab another box (or two). These two boxes from this post may or may not have been completely consumed while on set! 

S are you ready to blow your mouth’s mind? My/Mo Mochi Ice Cream is taking over snack time ALL the time! Why wait 'til after dinner? It's pre-breakfast, post lunch and/or a midnight delight. It's great on Monday morning to shake off the last of those Sunday scaries. A mundane meeting made wayyyy better by sneaking a little bite of your favorite boisterous balls. It's perfect for picnics, car rides, carousels, beach walks, boardwalks.......and pretty much just about any other situation you can think of. Like here where we literally stopped in the park after lunch to sit down and devour these cute little bites. So stop with the boring snacking and make your chosen bites more bold, beautiful and all around better with these balls!


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Matcha Popcorn with White Chocolate and Black Sesame Seeds

Happy October! My favorite month always starts off with a bang. Come the 1st day of October every year is my beautiful boy, MaQ's birthday! He is four years old today and officially a grown-up. He's still young at heart, but his demeanor is more calm nowadays. More gentleman-y. The hubby and I had plans for his birthday but unfortunately the New York weather is being extremely uncooperative, and will be raining for the next couple of days. All. Day. Long.  

photos + recipe by:  ©   Suzanne Spiegoski  

photos + recipe by: © Suzanne Spiegoski 

Matcha Popcorn with White Chocolate and Black Sesame Seeds


4 ounces white chocolate chips

1/2 teaspoon Japanese matcha green tea

1/2 cup popcorn kernels, popped (about 8 cups popped)

Black sesame seeds


  1. Place white chocolate chips in microwave-safe bowl and microwave at 15-second intervals, stirring between each one, until melted.

  2. Add matcha powder and stir until completely incorporated. Hello, green!

  3. Place the popcorn in a large bowl and drizzle with the white chocolate mixture, tossing as you go, until popcorn is evenly coated. Season with salt. Set popcorn in refrigerator until white-chocolate coating has firmed, about 10 minutes. Break up any clump and serve. Popcorn can be stored in the refrigerator overnight using Ziplock bag.

So you know what rainy days call for. Cooking times with Suz! :) Aside from MaQ's birthday being one of the reasons why I love October so much, I also am a big fan of Halloween. I decided to make 'Frankenstein' popcorn! This is matcha green tea incorporated into melted white chocolate and the best part, with the popcorn. Mmmmm... let's not forget the wonderful black sesame seeds. Its deep, rich flavor complements with the mild sweetness from the white chocolate, overall giving this dessert a well-balanced combination in taste. Tell me a kid who wouldn't want to try this popcorn - just look at that green color!  

Instead of venturing out in the rain for MaQ's birthday this weekend, we've postponed our plans and we'll be keeping it low key and just trying to recuperate from the crazy busy month we've had. The key is to try. ;) Everyone needs to recharge their batteries every now and then. I want to check out 'The People v. O.J. Simpson' TV show, munch on some 'Frankenstein' popcorn, nap, and munch down on more deliciousness I'll be cooking later. Chicken Jardinière anyone? Perfect for gloomy, dreary days like today.

Hope you have a nice weekend. Coming up Monday on the blog, I'll be sharing another outfit post featuring my most recent pieces of jewelry and a twist on the latest reverse/backwards shirt trend, where you any shirt that buttons down in the front; you switch it to the back. Playing a lot with masculine and feminine tones together lately. Stay tuned...




Roasted Pumpkin Seeds

This week I wanted to cook something Korean again but I had all these pumpkin seeds from the other day making that 'MaQ-o'-lantern'. And just like my father, I LOVE roasted pumpkin seeds! They are quite the tasty snack and I couldn't just let these nutritious lil' gems go to waste! I usually just season them with a little salt, but I saw a really awesome video by Tasty on Facebook showcasing a variety of seasonings! They're all great, ranging from wasabit to sriracha honey, but I went with the pumpkin pie and cocoa seasonings for today.


Roast pumpkin seeds in an oven at 350F until dry but not golden.

All amounts for 1 cup of seeds.

Seasoning Ingredients (Two-ways)

PUMPKIN PIE: 2 tsp cinnamon, 2 tsp ginger, 2 tsp allspice, 1 tbsp sugar
COCOA: 1 TBSP unsweetened cocoa powder, 2 tsp sugar, 1/2 tsp cayenne

Coat pumpkin seeds in a few TBSP of vegetable oil and then mix in seasoning.

Roast at 350F until golden.

I loved the cocoa pumpkin seeds! Really super delicious! They're not too sweet and the cocoa unearths the pungent taste in the seeds, making it such a pleasant surprise in your mouth. ;)

The pumpkin pie is also not very sweet and is absolutely scrumptious. That's what I like about pumpkin seeds, that they're not only healthy but they are a treat that's not loaded with some God-awful ingredient like high fructose corn syrup or anything that has so much sugar, my heart rate spikes just looking at the numbers! The cinnamon and all spice, along with the ginger and 1 tbsp of sugar is a terrific Fall mix, my hubby tried them for the very first time (he's French, they don't exactly roast pumpkin seeds everyday) and loved them!

They are such a staple Fall snack for me. I'm so happy to have tried different, authentic flavors! It just gets me really pumped up for next month, my favorite time of year with all those incredible Thanksgiving dishes, where I try to create a new dish every year. Can't wait to share with you with what's to come!

I'm really excited to munch down on these later, normally I'll make a bag of popcorn or have some kind of chips and dip, but this is a great substitute and is very good for you! Are you a fan of pumpkin seeds? What's your favorite seasoning for yours? Leave a comment in the box!

Have a fantastic & cozy weekend!

Love & xx's,

maQ + suz