Leopard Print for Date Night

Date night look

Friday calls for date night! Summer is heating up and it is one of my favorite seasons for this. Days are long and nights are balmy, it’s the perfect time to spend that extra time with your boo. But what to wear on such a hot occasion? In today’s post, I’ve got a fun number for ya. Sultry, trendy yet super comfy, I’ve got the perfect summer date night look! Leopard print, strappy sandals, a bold red lip and some pearly accessories, this outfit cannot go wrong! Continue reading to see the complete look along with direct links to shop each item.

This leopard print matching set is the fountain of sexiness. The bodycon skirt and crop cami top is extremely flattering for many body types, as the material is stretchy. This screamed date night look to me, but as much as I styled it for a night on the town, you can easily wear this during the day as well with a pair of sneakers. I love two-piece outfits such as this one because you can mix and match for other looks. I’d wear that crop top with a nice black power suit or the skirt with a simple white tee - there’s a lot of different outfits that can be styled from this set.

Because it’s so hot out, I love to wear my hair back. Especially on those extra humid days in the city where anyone’s hair is a lost cause, it’s the perfect excuse to whip out those hair accessories! I wore this beautiful pearl hair clip by Atelier des Femmes with black drugstore hair clips to give my hairstyle a bit of variation. What do you guys think of the combination? When I think of leopard print for date night, this must include more black accessories and a bold lip.

These black strappy sandals I’m wearing in today’s post are pretty ancient. They are the first pair of heels I wore to a wedding, where it was also the first time a boyfriend had invited me to one. The experience was not so great, but these sandals lasted way longer than the boyfriend! Ha ha! They’re no longer in stock and NO I’m not going to tell you how long ago this was so you can start guestimating my age LOL - but I’ve linked similar pairs for you to choose from. Taking notes from '90s styles, this sandal is distinguished by skinny, elegant straps and a dainty squared kitten heel.

Even though it’s hot outside, it can get chilly inside. Which is why I stole this jacket from the hubby. A sleek tuxedo jacket by Calvin Klein goes well with the heels. To go with the bold lip (used a combination of lippies from Colourpop & LimeCrime) I went with a similar-colored red bag from Furla. Thanks for stopping by! I hope you enjoyed with leopard-y look. Wishing you all a great weekend. x

Red Furla Bag






Posh Safari Chic | Date Night


I don’t know know about you but it’s been one heck of a week for me! Who else is ready for Friday? I’m never one to count the days to the weekend, but sometimes we all can use a breather. In which case, my husband and I always make an effort to go out to dinner. At least once or twice a month, we like to try something new and maintain something old, as in tradition, we always have dates at the place where we first met and also had our wedding party. It was previously a French brasserie (coincidence the hubby is Parisian, I think not (!), that or the universe has a funny sense of humor at times) but it’s now a simple Irish pub, where the food is just as good and filled with many happy memories. Even MaQ joins us out on the terrace for brunch on the weekends, when the weather permits it. Now that summer is creeping in, I was inspired to do a color-schemed safari palette into a date night look! Continue reading to see what I chose and where to directly shop.

When I think of what colors to include in a safari chic-like palette, they are khaki green, beige, ivory, tan, black and others. The first piece to catch my eye that inspired this look was the khaki green double-breasted jacket. I went one size up since I love the look of an oversized jacket and/or blazer. Initially I was going to style it with a great pair of jeans, which I could always do for everyday business casual, but I wanted to elevate the look into something a tad more. That’s when I came across these particular pair of shorts I knew how I wanted to style everything together.

I LOVE these light beige paper-bag shorts. These shorts come in thick cotton jersey. They are high waist, with a paper-bag waistband, pleats in the front, and zip fly with concealed hook-and-eye fastener. There is a removable tie belt as well and I cannot stress how comfy these shorts are! So perfect for summer and I think they also tie really well with the khaki green jacket. I went with some black to bring it all together without having the outfit look too bland for date night. So these sexy black pointed peep-toe mules are such a hit for the occasion. They’re also not a nightmare to walk in, which is a MUST for me.

Hair accessories are a major hot trend for spring and summer this season with hair clips being all the rage. Pearls, resin, metallics, you name it. I discovered a French hair brand that you can get personalized pieces from, that will polish up any look with its chicness. I had one made in the name of my brand, MaQ + Suz, and I absolutely adore it. I styled it in a half-up hairstyle on Instagram here but I think this clip looks great from day to night. Go to www.lovelessparis.com to customize your barrette! You can create from 3 to 8 characters, and it’s so easy!

Last but not least, I went with an ivory croc-effect leather bag without any straps. I think it creates a more evening vibe that is perfect for date night. I hope you enjoyed my posh safari chic date night look! Feel free to drop me a message down in the comment section below. How would you style a safari-chic look? And for date night? Thanks for stopping by! Wishing you a great rest of the week. x




Casual Date Night Outfit That Doesn't Involve a Dress



Happy Monday, folks! This post is for all the tomboys out there who are not that crazy about playing dress up, or more rather dresses either. Not that I’m completely against dresses, but I’m just much more of a jeans/pants type of gal. I have been this way since I was a child. And I know a lot of other girls who’s style is similar - not prissy by any means. So how can you rock a casual date night look that doesn’t involve a dress? Continue reading to learn how leggings with a tweed coat can dazzle your date along with feeling completely like yourself and best of all, comfy!

I know, I know. Many of you are probably already doubting leggings with a simple fall/winter coat would be enough to sparkle up a look, especially one for date night. But I just don’t think when it comes to women’s style, that a dress should always be the answer. What if it’s your first date and you want a casual look that says you’re not trying too hard? As if you effortlessly put this outfit together and even though it’s not fancy it’s still chic af? We all want that wow factor for our dates, regardless if we’ve been married for years or are in a new relationship. Well, look no further with this flickering attraction double breasted tweed coat by Chicwish! Only $62 and a complete Chanel dupe (hey, I’m not mad about it), it’s my new favorite day-to-night outerwear.

This coat looks fantastic with just about anything. And it’s versatile enough to wear it at the office all day and then straight to your dinner date. I could wear this coat with jeans, a skirt of many different colors and perhaps other textures such as tweed or silk, it would also look amazing with wide legs, trousers and yes, even a dress. But given that your girl loves to mix certain styles together, I chose posh with rebel rocker chic, my go to for an overall confidence boost. Tell me you don’t feel more bad ass in leather, faux or pas.

I say a good way to add that extra sparkle to impressing your date is a great makeup look. Nothing to the extreme, (hey if that is your thing, no judgment) but a good eye-popping color effect to attract attention to certain features of your face, such as your lips, cheeks, eyes. The power of makeup is to accentuate/enhance your natural features. So in this look, since I loved the small tints of purple and pinks from the coat, I went for a fuchsia pinky makeup look. I think these kind of pinks are great for olive-tone skins and brown eyes. What do you guys think of the makeup here?

To balance the mixture of posh and rock, I went with over-the-knee black boots from one of my favorite UK shoe brands, EGO. And I love my new shoulder bag from Paul’s Boutique London. The different textures go well with the tweed and faux leather leggings, and what is also great is the handle of the bag, which has spiked detail studs along the shoulder area, which keeps with the edginess to this look. What do you guys think of this date night outfit? Too edgy for you? Would you wear it?


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The Chicest Dramatic Sequined Duster



It is still duster jacket season, well, it is in my fashion book. I normally see floral print, neutrals such as a lovely beige or subtle gray when it comes to these kinds of thin-material jackets but these are all more suitable for daytime wear. I’ve been looking for one as evening wear, and when I laid my eyes on this particular sequined jacket, I was quite excited to style it let alone wear it around town, to which has received many compliments already. The jacket, guys. Continue reading to learn about the different ways to style this marvel beauty, where you can get your hands on it, and lastly, a newly discovered brand where you can borrow high-end luxury accessories such as handbags and even jewelry! It’s all going down now on MaQ + Suz so check out the post!

The AKIRA Label Can’t Get Enough Dramatic Sequined Duster is made from a mesh fabrication with 3D feathered sequins, an open front, and a long flowing length. Throw this over a mini dress for a dramatic entrance, or wear it alone as a dress with a thick belt - I opted with jeans because your jean gal is not prissy. I went with a pair that had a little more detail such as these pearl studs to keep up with the extravagance of the duster jacket. I just love that no matter how you style this jacket, it’s a show stopper - definitely a statement piece. I definitely think it’s also wearable all year-round, and how fun would it be to layer this with other fabrics such as animal print, faux fur, or perhaps… more sequin?

How would you like to have access to hundreds of classic luxury accessories starting at $99/month? Members can experience an item for as long as they'd like, or swap it out monthly. If you love your accessory, you can buy it as well! This is Vivrelle. For as low as $99 per month, you can borrow this Chanel bag and Chanel necklace (& so many other amazing accessories), including some of my favorites in my personal Vivrelle closet! Use code "Suzanne Spiegoski" to get to the top of the wait list. 

As for my hair style, I’ve been pulling my bangs back with bobby pins or hair clips like these cute 90s-inspired ones because I need a trim! Just haven’t had the time with my busy schedule, so yes, sometimes you just have to make it work. Either that or try to adapt. It’s kind of having me NOT miss my bangs because let’s face it, they’re a lot of work in terms of maintenance. What do you guys think… keep banging or grow them out?

What do you guys think of this look? I definitely think it’s great for an evening where you want to paint the town red, but at the same time, keeping your style semi-casual. I’ve never been the type to style a look only from one genre/trend but more so of mixing things up. Because fashion should be fun and interesting. And stepping outside the box always can lead to something new and different. How would you have styled this sequined duster jacket? Don’t forget to shop the pieces at the beginning and end of this post! Got a question? You can drop them down in the section below (at the end of this post). Happy Monday! Wishing you all a killer good week.





Rhythm of the Night



Happy Wednesday, everyone! Hope you're having a great week so far, I've got a new post today featuring two new designers I styled a look together and the theme? Full on 90's vibes with a hint of grunge and disco! When it comes to styling, I love mixing trends from different eras which is so much fun! I believe in fashion one should never stay inside a particular box but rather take chances and explore their creative sides. After all, fashion is a constant form of expression and should never be a form of fear, doubt and/or other insecurities. If you dress well, you will feel well. And they make a lasting first impression when it comes to networking and business opportunities. In a city like the Big Apple, you never know who you're going to meet let alone run into! So in today's editorial shoot, I wanted to share a look that can go from a business dinner to a night out dancing with the girls. Check out the complete look that's sensual, playful and edgy at the same time!

I recently discovered deuxA; reflects the designer's name by throwing emphasis on the first and last letter in 'AnnalizA'; metaphorically indicating there is always a beginning to every end. Unique and individual prints lay the cornerstones of AnnalizA's designs. Detailed attention towards diversity in textures and materials, such as this black ruffled-back blouse with pearl details on the sleeves and front. I'm completely obsessed with the back, it reminds me of a flamenco dancer yet with the detail from the pearls it transforms the blouse to something more contemporary. I'd totally wear this with some ripped skinny jeans and heels too for a more casual look but you can pretty much pair this blouse with some many other pieces, even a maxi skirt, overalls, leather pants and more! 

The metallic skirt with a lilac tint is from MKT Studio. This Parisian brand aims for ultra-feminine looks with a casual, authentic and grungy feel. They want to avoid superfluous details. MKT Studio offers modern women the chance to create a wardrobe with gorgeous clothing at an affordable price. I'm a huge fan of anything metallic, but the subtle purple-based color of the skirt blows my mind. It's eye-catching and unique and can sparkle up any outfit. It'd even be cute with a crisp white blouse or a different contrasted metallic material and/or color. 

Silver hoop earrings are from Rosegal and my favorite ankle boots are from Steve Madden. (I also styled a completely different look with the same boots in my last post here.) The headphones and CD/cassette/radio player are vintage (almost ha ha ha!) and Sony. I styled this look in a more rundown location to keep up with the grungy vibes, what do you guys think of this editorial shoot? Would you like to see more style posts like these? I have to say that I really love coming up with visual stories such as this one... I do love hearing back from my readers though! Don't forget to comment down below and to stay in touch on my day-to-day life follow me on Instagram!