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The Pink Panther first appeared on film in the 1963 Blake Edwards movie, The Pink Panther, starring Peter Sellers as the clumsy French detective, Inspector Clouseau. In the film, the term “Pink Panther” referred to a large diamond with a flaw at its center resembling a pink pouncing panther. This was the inspiration for the character of the same name. The Pink Panther starred in the animated opening and closing for the initial movie, set against jazzy music by Henry Mancini. The character is almost completely silent in the movie, preferring to rely on slinky pantomime-like moves. Audiences liked him so much that his animators, DePatie-Freleng, were asked to create a series of animated short films. In 1980, United Artists Television put together a new half-hour show using the theatrical shorts and new cartoons and syndicated it to TV stations. It was during the 80s when I discovered and fell in love with the cartoon character. So in honor of the beloved panther, I created a fun female version of the pink character. Video included! It’s basically me to a tee: Clumsy, yet catlike - mysterious yet playful. Take a look! It’s all going down on MaQ + Suz today, continue reading to see complete shoot and reel.

Kat Maconie x Pink Panther

The ultimate pink Kicker Heel with an embellished 80s illustration of Pink Panther, and a ruffle at the back for extra romance, these heels literally made my heart skip a beat when I first encountered them. Kat Maconie’s fresh aesthetic and strong, women-centered fashion ethos make this shoe brand a very popular name in the luxury footwear world. I really wanted to incorporate them into a kind of Ms. Inspector Clouseau, which of course, would naturally be a mostly-all pink outfit. :)

Would you believe me if I told you the pink blouse and overall corduroy dress was a total of $23?! Both pieces are from SHEIN, a really great affordable outlet to stay with all the trends. I do enjoy mixing high and low, one of my favorite ways to put a look together. To not be too washed up in only pink, there’s a slight black trim on the blouse that complements with the ever so, Parisian beret. I kept it retro cool with a pair of large round sunnies and some loosely-tied pigtails. It’s definitely not an everyday outfit for me, but I do think it’s a pretty cute tribute to one of my favorite panthers ever!

Amongst other accessories is my rock and roll pink bag. Unfortunately, it’s no longer in stock, and I can’t find much that really looks as similar as this one, so I opted out in listing similar items for this bag today. Sorry! Everything else has direct links, but since I’m on the subject, what do you prefer: Direct shopping links OR similar items? Would love to hear your thoughts on this! Lastly, we made a quick fun video of this look down below. It’s on my YouTube channel, so feel free to check it out and subscribe!

Stay tuned for this week’s upcoming blog posts! I’ll be sharing my April Beauty favorites along with a very 70s retro look on Wednesday & Friday, can’t wait to show you guys! Don’t forget to check out the Pink Panther video on YouTube before you go, and feel free to drop your comments down in the message section below. Hope you have a great Monday and a wonderful rest of the week, everyone!

Pink Panther Lady: Clumsy, yet catlike - mysterious yet playful. It's me and one of my favorite childhood cartoon characters. Styled by moi.






Black, Pink and Lavender Outfit


Happy Monday! In light of my pretty packed week, I’m keeping it short and sweet on here with little bit of contrast in today’s look. It can look great on anyone as these colors are flattering on all skin types. We’re talking pink, lavender, and black. Plus it’s an outfit that I feel good in, on top of being fashionable. And I’m sharing two brands I’ve recently discovered that I wanted to share with you in what I styled today. One is outerwear and the other is jewelry. And these staple pieces can be worn in many other different looks. So continue reading to see more details from casual, feminine yet edgy look with direct links to shop.

How beautiful is this light pink fur coat? It is rex rabbit, with a relaxed fit and hook eye closure. Fits true to size, I love that this coat can be dressed up or down. I love the slate pink color mostly, as it’s a very unique pink shade. And let me tell you how warm this baby is! I literally only had a white bodysuit underneath (with a bra) and I was snug as a bug in a rug! This coat is valued at $370 which is a bit expensive, but it’s definitely an investment piece! Luxurious I might add as well :) Check out more clothing items by Heartloom!

I love these long geometric statement earrings. Very lightweight as they are made from 0.3 mm silver sheet - I discovered this jewelry brand from Barcelona on Instagram!. Nia Dana Jewelry designs minimal chic pieces with quality metals and each piece is individually handmade. These earrings for example took about 10 days to produce, so you know the added details to everything will be perfect. In which case, they were! Check out more of her designs here

These two-tone ankle boot beauties in lavender feature a pointed toe and stiletto heel. They’re 5” heels, so I wouldn’t recommend these if you’re not about the height. But I’m quite petite (only 5’3”) so anything that can add length especially to the bottom portion of my body is a good thing. One of the best ways to elongate your legs as a petite woman is to wear cropped pants with statement booties as such. Not only will it give you height, but the two together looks great while really showing off your new pair of shoes. And how much do you love the frayed hem on these faded black pair of denim jeans?!


Hope you enjoyed this more laidback casual look today on the blog! I think this outfit would also be perfect for Valentine’s Day, whether hanging out with the girls or with your date. A definitely day-to-night kind of look - easy peasy. What would you guys like to see more of? Styles like these or more polished up looks? I definitely have a few projects in mind when it comes to editorial work, but these will take a good second. Got an idea you’d like to see on M + S? Drop your thoughts in the comment section down below! Wishing you a great first week of February!