TBT Winter Storm Nemo

It's Throwback Thursday and since I've never shared any puppy photos of MaQ on our blog, I knew now was a good time as any! Growing up in the Midwest, I am actually quite fond of snow. No, I'm not talking about the horrendous gigantic slush puddles you challenge yourself to at every crosswalk in the city come Winter (it's like the Olympics jump track I swear!), but the heavier kind of snow that sticks - the kind we all used to frolic and play in as children. Well, that is if you grew up in a place where there was snow!

The first actual blizzard MaQ encountered was during Winter Storm Nemo in February of 2013. He was only 4 months old at the time and like any typical mountain dog (MaQ is originally from Upstate New York) he ravaged the snow like some wild beast! He truly relished every moment of it and like myself, we just can't wait for another huge snow storm like this one! There will be lots more cuddling and playtime to be had, with tons of cocoa and kisses. Can you say snow day?! We truly love those kind of days. ;)

Here are some photos taken by me and my hubby along with our first YouTube video on our maQ + Suz channel! We hope you enjoy all the puppy playing and fun! Winter is coming and we are ready! Bring it on snow! ❆❆❆

Love & xx's,

maQ + Suz

Source: www.suzannespiegoski.com